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We believe in the philosophy 'Wellness for all' and intend to give our shareholders and customers valuable return on the faith they’ve reposed in us.

Established in 1988, Zydus Wellness Ltd. is a leading consumer wellness company with an Indian heritage and a global footprint. We believe, a healthy lifestyle is not just about being active but also about feeling good from within. So, we approach health and wellness in a holistic manner. We nourish, nurture and energize millions of lives by offering a variety of innovative, industry-leading products.

With over 30 years of operational excellence, we have seven leading brands in our portfolio, namely Complan, Sugar Free, Glucon-D, Everyuth, Nycil, Sugarlite and Nutralite. Headquartered in Ahmedabad and Mumbai, we have 5 manufacturing facilities across 4 locations - Aligarh, Sitarganj. Ahmedabad and Sikkim. We also have 8 co-packing facilities in India, Oman and Newzealand. Our core pillars -manufacturing integrity, supply chain efficiency, and product innovation, form the basis of the legacy we’ve built over the last few decades. Today the Zydus Wellness business spans over 20 countries and 3 continents.

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Launched, Sugar Free, India’s first Zero calorie sweetener


Everyuth Skincare range

Everyuth Skincare range



Launched, Sugar Free Natura with Sucralose


Acquisition of Carnation Nutra (CANFL)

Acquisition of Carnation Nutra (CANFL)



Zydus Wellness carved out and listed on NSE


First Greenfield Project in Sikkim

First Greenfield Project in Sikkim



Sugar Free Green with Stevia & new production facility at Sikkim


Zydus disrupts the Sugar Industry with the launch of SugarLite

Zydus disrupts the Sugar Industry with the launch of SugarLite



Acquisition of Heinz India


Overseas subsidiary:
Zydus Wellness International DMCC at Dubai

Overseas subsidiary:
Zydus Wellness International DMCC at Dubai



Zydus enters the Dairy, Chocolate & Fizz based Immunity product categories with the launches of Nutralite Doodhshakti, Sugar Free Dlite & Glucon-C Immunofizz.

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As a prominent leader in the FMCG industry, we, at Zydus Wellness, provide our people with a dynamic, productive environment driven by a fast-paced culture. We strive to tackle business challenges from every angle, and continue to move forward as a collective unit.

So, if you strongly believe in our vision, join us, and be part of this World of Wellness.

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What makes us proud is not that most of our brands are category leader, but the value that they add to our consumers’ everyday lives.

  • Complan

    2x Faster Growth

  • Sugar Free

    Smartness wali Sweetness

  • Glucon-D

    Instant Energy

  • Sugarlite

    Sugar Badlo health Badlo

  • Everyuth

    Pure skin, Happy har din

  • Nycil

    Healthy skin expert

  • Nutralite

    Healthier & Delicious

  • Sugar Free D’lite


"Zydus Wellness believes in building people capabilities. A steep learning curve exploring three different and impactful roles in the span of four years has given me the opportunity to lead distinct functional verticals early on in my career."

Shashank Gaur

"My learning graph at Zydus Wellness has risen exponentially because of the Autonomy to execute ideas, Approachability to the top leadership and Flexibility to provide me with opportunities across functions"

Binit Kumar

"What makes me proud to work at Zydus Wellness is the constant strive for innovation that delivers the promise of good health, and nourishment to millions!"

Arohi Bapna

The organization constantly pushes for progress more than perfection. In my 5 years at Zydus Wellness I’ve used my heart as much as my mind.

Chandra Prakash

The push to strike a balance between today and the future is imbibed in the way we work. This keeps me on my toes! It makes me think agile and think responsibly as well.

Supriya Madhavan

It’s been a source of great delight to work on a fabled brand like Complan. There is a constant hustle to do better and grow bigger without losing the focus away from creating consumer value and brand love.

Sonal Rai

"The past five years at Zydus wellness have been of exceptional learning. The organization fosters an open culture that encourages new ideas and their execution. There is never a dull day in this fast paced environment that is constantly evolving to drive growth and business excellence"


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